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About the Science and History Verses

I try to mark verses in the SAB that show how science and history are treated in the bible. This includes verses that contradict science and history, as well as those that are just interesting in themselves.

For example, the biblical value of p can be inferred from the description of the molten sea described in 1 Kings 7:23 and 2 Chronicles 4:2. This is interesting from both a scientific and historical perspective, since the value of p has been an important subject in the history of math and science. That the inferred value is 3 is also interesting since it is a rather crude approximation, though also an accurate one to one significant figure. These verses are highlighted not just to poke fun at the bible, but also to show what the bible has to say about that important and fascinating number.

Of course most of the verses that are highlighted are indeed science errors, and they are marked as such in the SAB.