Quran Trivia Questions

    2: The Cow

  1. How many heavens did Allah create?
  2. What fuel does Allah use to burn disbelievers?
  3. Which of the angels refused to bow down to Adam?
  4. What happened to those who broke the Sabbath?
  5. What color was the cow that Allah told Moses to sacrifice?
  6. According to the Quran, how much is a woman worth (as a witness)?
  7. In Surah 2 (The Cow), how long was the man that Allah killed dead before being brought back to life?

    3: The House of 'Imran

  8. What woman does Allah prefer to all others?
  9. What two families does Allah like the best?
  10. Who made a bird out of clay, breathed on it, and it became a real bird?
  11. Who is the best schemer?

    4: The Women

  12. How many women may a Muslim man marry?
  13. According to Allah's inheritance laws, how much should females receive compared to males?,
  14. What should you do with lewd women?
  15. When is it OK for a man to marry an married woman?
  16. If one of your slave wives has been guilty of lewdness, how should she be punished?
  17. Why are men in charge of women?
  18. What should you do with a rebellious woman?

    5: The Table Spread

  19. In the Quran's story about Adam's two sons, who shows one of the sons how to bury his naked brother's body?
  20. How should thieves be punished?
  21. Who spoke as a baby like an adult?
  22. Who made a bird out of clay that became a real bird?

    6: Cattle

  23. According to Surah 6, from what did Allah create humans?
  24. What will Allah do to those who think religion is a passtime or a joke?
  25. What was Abraham's father's name?
  26. What is the worst thing anyone can do?

    7: The Heights

  27. Which of the angels refused to bow down to Adam?
  28. Who did Allah make protecting friends for disbelievers?
  29. What prophet sent the camel from God to the tribe of Thamud?
  30. How did the Pharaoh punish the wizards who believed in the Lord of the worlds?
  31. 8: Spoils of War

  32. To whom do the spoils of war belong?
  33. Who is the best plotter?
  34. Believers always defeat disbelievers, even when outnumbered ten to one. Why is that?
  35. 9: Repentance

  36. Who (according to the Quran) says that Ezra is the son of Allah?
  37. What did Abraham do when it became clear that his father was an enemy of Allah?
  38. 10: Jonah

  39. What should you do if someone says the Quran was invented?
  40. 11: Hud

  41. Where was Allah's throne when he created the heaven and earth?
  42. According to Surah 11, what happened to Noah's son?
  43. With what will Allah fill hell?
  44. 12: Joseph

  45. What is the best story in the Quran (according to Allah)?
  46. The ruler's wife invited the city's women to a feast. What did the women do when they saw Joseph?
  47. How did Joseph's father become a seer once again?
  48. 13: The Thunder

  49. What is the reward for disbelief?
  50. 15: Al-Hijr

  51. From what did Allah create the jinn?
  52. 16: The Bee

  53. Why did Allah make grapes?
  54. What did Allah inspire the bees to eat?
  55. 17: The Children of Israel

  56. How many tokens did Allah give Moses?
  57. 18: The Cave

  58. In Surah 18 (The Cave), how long were the young men in the cave?
  59. 19: Mary

  60. What baby in the Quran made a rather long speech beginning with "Lo! I am the slave of Allah"?
  61. What saint and prophet's father served the devil?
  62. 20: Ta Ha

  63. Who misled the people by making a saffron-colored, lowing calf?
  64. 21: The Prophets

  65. Who did Allah teach to make clothes?
  66. Who dove for pearls?
  67. 22: The Pilgrimage

  68. What should those who doubt that Allah will give Muhammad victory do?
  69. How long is a day to Allah?
  70. 23: The Believers

  71. Who is it OK for you not to be modest with?
  72. 24: Light

  73. What is the punishment for adultery in the Quran?
  74. What is the punishment for accusing an honorable woman of adultery without bringing four witnesses?
  75. 26: The Poets

  76. How did Pharaoh punish his chiefs who began to believe in the Lord of the Worlds?
  77. What was the conduct that Lot hated among his people?
  78. 27: The Ant

  79. What prophet knew the language of birds?
  80. What prophet had an army composed of birds, jinn, and humans?
  81. What animal made a speech that made Solomon smile and laugh?
  82. What bird was missing from Solomon's army?

    28: The Story

  83. Who did Allah make the earth swallow?

    33: The Clans

  84. Who are like mothers to believers?
  85. What verse in the Quran made adoption haram (forbidden) in Islam?
  86. Who is the Seal of the Prophets?
  87. 34: Saba

  88. Who did Allah force the jinn to work for?
  89. 37: Those who set the ranks

  90. What is the name of the tree that grows in the heart of hell and torments its inhabitants?
  91. 38: Sad

  92. What will Allah fill hell with?
  93. When did Iblis become a disbeliever?
  94. What angel refused to fall prostrate to the being Allah created out of mire?
  95. Why did Iblis say he was better than the one that Allah created out of clay?
  96. 39: The Troops

  97. How many kinds of cattle did Allah provide for you?
  98. 44: Smoke

  99. What is the name of the tree that grows in the heart of hell and torments its inhabitants?
  100. 49: The Private Apartments

  101. Who should you not speak loudly around?
  102. 51: The Winnowing Winds

  103. How did Allah destroy the tribe of A'ad?
  104. How did Allah destroy the tribe of Thamud?

    52: The Mount

  105. Who will Allah wed to fair ones with wide, lovely eyes?

    53: The Star

  106. Where does the lote-tree grow?
  107. Who gives their gods and angels female names?
  108. Allah is the Lord of what star?

    54: The Moon

  109. How did Allah destroy the tribe of A'ad?
  110. How did Allah destroy the tribe of Thamud?

    55: The Beneficent

  111. From what did Allah created the jinn?
  112. How will the guilty be taken?
  113. 56: The Event

  114. When the event comes there will be three kinds of people. What are they?
  115. Which of the three groups of people will be waited on by fair, immortal youths with wide, lovely eyes?
  116. Allah has created virgins as lovers and friends for which of the three groups of people?
  117. Which of the three groups of people will be have to eat from the Zaqqum tree and drink boiling water?
  118. Who is allowed to touch the Quran?
  119. 58: She That Disputeth

  120. What must you do before having sex with a woman that you remarried after previously divorcing (by saying she was like your mother)?
  121. 64: Mutual Dissolusion

  122. If you loan money to Allah, how much will he repay you?
  123. 65: Divorce

  124. If your wife is too young to menstruate, how long must you wait before divorcing her?
  125. 65: Banning

  126. The wives of what two prophets burned in the fire?
  127. 71: Noah

  128. What happened to the people after they drowned in Noah's flood??
  129. 74: The Cloaked One

  130. How many angels oversee hell?
  131. 75: The Rising of the Dead

  132. When will resurrection day happen?
  133. 101: The Calamity

  134. What is the calamity?
  135. 111: Palm Fiber

  136. What man, according to Surah 111, will be flung into a fire?
  137. What will happen to Abu Lahab's wife?