Science in the Quran

    1: The Opening: (Al-Fatihah)

  1. By using the phrase, "Lord of the Worlds," is the Quran acknowledging the existence of other solar systems, planets, and earth-like worlds? 1:2

    2: The Cow: (Al-Madinah)

  2. Allah taught Adam all the names of the plants and animals, which must have taken a while since there are 1.7 million species that are known, with probably another 10 million or so that are yet to be discovered. And this only includes those that are alive today. If extinct species are included (~99%), then Allah must have taught Adam a billion or so names. 2:31
  3. "When Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House"
    "The House" is the Kaaba, which the Quran here (incorrectly)claims was built by Abraham and Ishmael. 2:127

    4: Women (Al-Nisa')

  4. God created a man first, then a woman from the man, and all humans descended from them.. 4:1

    5: The Table Spread (Al-Ma'ida)

  5. The Quran repeats the silly story about Cain and Abel (though they are unnamed in the Quran). 5:27-31

    6: Al An'am (Al An'am)

  6. "He it is Who hath set for you the stars that ye may guide your course by them." 6:97

    There are a hundred billion gallaxies, each with a hundred billion or so stars. And they all, according to this verse, were created to help people navigate.

  7. "He it is Who hath produced you from a single being." 6:97

    The being this verse refers to is, of course, Adam. But humans evolved over billions of years, and weren't created from a single man a few thousand years ago.

    7: The Heights (Al-Ar'af)

  8. Homosexual acts are condemned as unnatural. (Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?) But, in fact, such acts are common in many other species. 7:80-81
  9. Crucifixion is a Roman punishment, unknown in Egypt at the time this story supposedly occurred. 7:124
  10. When Allah revealed himself to Moses, the mountain (Mt. Sinai?) came crashing down. 7:143
  11. Humans created from a single man. 7:189

    11: Hud

  12. "They fold up their breasts that they may hide (their thoughts) from Him."
    Allah thinks (in his heart) that humans have their brains in their breasts. 11:5

    13: The Thunder (Al-Ra'd)

  13. "The sun ... runneth unto an appointed term."
    The sun (according to the Quran) orbits the earth. 13:2
  14. "He ... spread out the earth."
    Sounds like a flat earth to me. 13:3

    15: Al-Hijr

  15. "And the earth have We spread out."
    The earth is flat according to the Quran. 15:19

    16: The Bee (Al-Nahl)

  16. "And thy Lord inspired the bee, saying ... eat of all fruits."
    Allah told bees to eat from all fruits, but decided to eat nectar and pollen instead. 16:68-68

    18: The Cave (Al-Kahf)

  17. Most scholars consider Dhu'l-Qarneyn ("The Two-Horned Lord") to be Alexander the Great, who is here presented as a devout Muslim. 18:83-98 The sun rises and sets at particular places on a flat earth. At the westernmost point on earth, the sun sets in a muddy spring. 18:18, 90

  18. 20: Ta Ha

  19. The Pharaoh threatens to crucify Hebrews on palm trees. (But crucifixion was a Roman form of punishment that was unknown at the time.) 20:71

    21: The Prophets (Al-Anbiya)

  20. The sun "floats" in an orbit around the earth. 21:33
  21. The heavens and the earth were of one piece, then We parted them."
    The sun, stars, and earth were joined together until Allah separated them (about six thousand years ago). 21:30

    22: The Pilgrimage (Al-hajj)

  22. Fear your Lord. Lo! the earthquake of the Hour (of Doom)."
    Earquakes are sent by Allah to terrorize and kill people. 22:1
  23. "O mankind! if ye are in doubt concerning the Resurrection, then lo! We have created you from dust, then from a drop of seed, then from a clot, then from a little lump of flesh shapely and shapeless, that We may make (it) clear for you."
    Oh thanks, Allah. That clears everything up! 22:5

    23: The Believers (Al-Mu'minun)

  24. We [Allah] created man from wet earth. 23:12

    24: Light (Al-Nur)

  25. Allah created all animals. Some with no legs, some with two, and some with four. (Most animals have six legs. Did Allah forget about the insects?) 24:45

    25: The Criterion (Al-Furqan)

  26. "And (the tribes of) A'ad and Thamud, and the dwellers in Ar-Rass, and many generations in between." 25:38

    No one knows anything about any of these people. (But Allah proudly killed them all.)

    27: The Ant (An-Naml)

  27. The earth is fixed and does not move. 27:61

    29: The Spider (Al-Ankabut)

  28. Noah was 950 years old at the time of the flood. [Genesis (7:11) says he was only 600.] 29:14
  29. Lot is among the righteous. 29:26-27
  30. The frailest of all houses (v.41)

    Actually spider webs are made of silk, one of the strongest materials known, more than five times stronger than steel.

  31. 35: The Angels (Al-Mala'ikah)

  32. Allah created you from dust, then a little fluid. 35:11

  33. 36: Ya Sin

  34. "The sun runneth on unto a resting-place for him." 36:38
  35. "For the moon We have appointed mansions till she return like an old shrivelled palm-leaf." 36:38
  36. "It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor doth the night outstrip the day. They float each in an orbit."
    This verse seems to say that the sun and the earth travel around the earth in the same orbit, with the sun in following the moon, which it never overtakes. 36:40

    37: Those Who Set The Ranks (As-Saffat)

  37. Jonah was swallowed by a fish. 37:142

    39: The Troops (Az-Zumar)

  38. Allah forced the sun and moon into service. 39:5
  39. He created you from one being, then from that being he made its mate. 39:6
  40. He made eight kinds of cattle. 39:6
  41. He created you in the wombs of your mothers, creation after creation, in a threefold gloom. 39:6

  42. 41: Fusilat (They are expounded)

  43. "We decked the nether heaven with lamps."
    Allah put "lamps" in the lower heaven to serve as lights. These are the stars that we see in the sky at night. 41:12

    50: QAF

  44. We [Allah] spread the earth out. Did he (or they) spread ith out flat like a pancake? 50:7

    51: The Winnowing Winds (Adh-Dhariyut)

  45. "And the earth have We laid out, how gracious is the Spreader (thereof)!"
    The earth is flat according to the Quran. 51:48
  46. All things We have created by pairs." This is not true. Many bacteria, protists, fungi, and plants reproduce asexually. 51:49

    54: The Moon (Al-Kamr)

  47. Muhammaed split the moon into two pieces. Beat that one, Jesus! 54:1-2

    55: The Beneficent ((Ar-Rahman)

  48. Allah created man from clay. 55:14
  49. Allah is Lord of the two easts and two wests! 55:17
  50. He has let loose the two seas. There's a barrier betwen them, so they don't meet. 55:19-20
  51. Some day the heaven will split and turn a rosy-red color. 55:37

  52. 57: Iron (Al-Hadid)

  53. Allah created the heavens and earth in six days. Then he mounted the throne. 57:4
  54. "Naught of disaster befalleth in the earth or in yourselves but it is in a Book before we bring it into being - Lo! that is easy for Allah."
    All natural disasters are planned by Allah to cause human suffering. He does it by the Book. It's easy for Allah! 57:22

    65: Divorce (At-Talaq)

  55. "Allah it is who hath created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof." 65:12

    No one knows where these seven heavens are or what they're supposed to be.

  56. 67: The Sovereignty (Al-Mulk)

  57. Allah created seven heavens. Can you see any cracks in them? 67:3
  58. Allah made the stars as missiles to throw at devils. 67:5
  59. Do you think you are safe from him so he won't cause the earth to swallow you? Or let loose on you a hurricane? 67:16-17
  60. Say: If all the water disappears on earth, who will bring your water? 67:30

  61. 69: The Reality (Al-Haqqah)

  62. The reality! What is reality? 69:1-2
  63. At the end of the world the earth with the mountains will be lifted up and crushed with one crash. 69:14

    71: Noah (Nuh)

  64. "And hath made the moon a light"
    This verse implies that the moon produces its own light, rather than reflecting light from the sun. 71:16

    75: The Rising of the Dead (Al-Qiyamah)

  65. Do people think we can't assemble their bones? Heck. We can assemble their very fingers! 75:3-4
  66. They ask, "When will be this resurrection day?" It'll be when the moon is eclipsed, and the sun and moon are united. 75:6-9
  67. Is he able to bring the dead to life? 75:40

  68. 76: Man (Al-Insan)

  69. Has there ever been a time when humans didn't exist? 76:1

    If this verse means what I think it means, then the answer is "Yes." The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years; humans have been around for only the last couple million years - depending on what you consider "human."

  70. Allah created man from a drop of thickened fluid. 76:2

  71. 77: The Emissaries Al-Mursalat()

  72. When the stars are put out, the sky is ripped apart, and the mountains blown away on the day of decision. 77:8-13

  73. 78: The Tiding (An-Naba)

  74. We [Allah] have built above you seven strong heavens. And a dazzling lamp. 78:12-13

    79: Those who drag forth (An-Naziat)

  75. "He spread the earth."
    That would only be possible on a flat earth. 79:30

    81: The Overthrowing (At-Takwir)

  76. Someday, according to the Quran, the sun will be overthrown, the stars will fall, the hills will be moved, and the sky will be torn away. 81:1-14

  77. 82: The Cleaving (Al-Infitar)

  78. Someday heaven will split, the planets scatter, the seas flood, and the graves will be overturned. 82:1-5

  79. 86: The Morning Star (At-Tariq)

  80. What will tell you about the morning star? 86:2

    The answer, of course, is science. The morning star is the planet Venus when it is visable in the morning sky.

  81. Humans are created from a gushing fluid, issued from between the loins and ribs. 86:5-7

    Humans are not created from semen alone, but from fertilized eggs. 86:6

  82. 88: The Overwhelming (Al-Ghashiyah)

  83. "And the earth, how it is spread?" 88:20

    If the earth is spread, it must be flat.

    91: The Sun (Ash-Shams)

  84. "The sun ... and the moon when she followeth him." 91:1-2

    The moon orbits the earth; it doesn't "follow the sun."

  85. "The earth and Him Who spread it." 91:6

    Allah spread the earth out flat like a pancake.

  86. 96: The Clot (Al-Alaq)

  87. Humans were created from a clot. 96:1-2
  88. If he denieth (Allah's guidance) ... We will seize him by the forelock - The lying, sinful forelock."

    Some Muslims say that when Allah talks about the "forelock" here, he is acutally referring to the prefrontal cortex, which, as modern science has recently found out, is the place where all that lying and sinful stuff happens. It's just one of the many scientific miracles in the Quran. 96:13-16

    99: Al-Zilzal (Al-Zilzal)

  89. "When Earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake"
    At the end of the world, Allah will cause a massive earthquake and then send everyone to heaven or hell. 99:1

    105: The Elephant (Al-Fil)

  90. Allah sent swarms of flying creatures (birds, bats, insects?) that dropped stones on the owners of the elephants. 105:2-4