6: The Cattle

Cruelty and Violence
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Skeptic's Annotated Quran
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Cruelty in Surah 6

  1. Those who deny the truth of Islam will be punished by Allah. 6:5

  2. "See the nature of the consequence for the rejecters!" 6:11

  3. Many generations have been destroyed by Allah. 6:6

  4. Disbelievers will say when they see the Fire that they would have believed if they had known the truth. But they are all liars. 6:27-28

  5. "Evil-doers flout the revelations of Allah." 6:33

  6. Allah will torment those how deny his revelations. 6:49

  7. Those who disbelieve will be forced to drink boiling water, and will face a painful doom. 6:70

  8. When nonbelievers die, the angels will deliver to them doom and degradation. 6:93

  9. Allah allows some to disbelieve in the afterlife, and to take pleasure in their disbelief, so that he can torment them forever after they die. 6:113

  10. Allah chooses to lead some astray, and he lays ignominy on those who disbelieve. 6:125

  11. Allah will send everyone the Fire, except those he chooses to deliver. 6:128

  12. Let the idolaters kill their children. It is Allah's will. 6:137

  13. The worst thing anyone can do is deny the revelations of Allah. Those who do so will be awared an evil doom. 6:157