Surah 4: Women

  1. It's OK to have two, three, or four wives, slave or free. 4:3
  2. Males are to inherit twice that of females. 4:11
  3. Lewd women are to be confined to their houses until death. 4:15
  4. If any of your women get lewd, cut off their inheritance. 4:19
  5. Instructions for exchanging wives 4:20
  6. Don't marry women that are already married -- unless they're slaves that you obtained in war. Then it's OK. 4:24
  7. If you can't afford to marry free Muslims women, go ahead and marry slaves, as long as they're Muslims. 4:25a
  8. f your slave wives are guilty of lewdness, punish them half as much as you punish your lewd free wives. 4:25c
  9. Men are in charge of women, because Allah made men to be better than women. Women must obey men, and if they refuse they must be punished. Refuse to have sex with them and beat them into submission (Islam). 4:34
  10. Don't pray if you are drunk, dirty, or have touched a woman lately. 4:43
  11. Vigins await those who enter paradise. 4:57
  12. They invoke in his (Allah's) stead only females. 4:117
  13. Don't bother trying to treat your wives fairly. It's impossible. 4:129
  14. "Unto the male is the equivalent share of two females." 4:176