Surah 21: Selected Verses

  1. (These are but) muddled dreams; nay, he hath but invented it. 21:5
  2. Not a township believed of those which We destroyed before them (though We sent them portents): would they then believe?21:6
  3. We destroyed the prodigals. 21:9
  4. How many a community that dealt unjustly have We shattered, and raised up after them another folk! 21:11
  5. Their crying ceased not till We made them as reaped corn, extinct. 21:15
  6. If We had wished to find a pastime, We could have found it. 21:17
  7. And one of them who should say: Lo! I am a god beside Him, that one We should repay with hell. Thus We Repay wrong-doers. 21:29
  8. We have made the sky a roof. 21:32
  9. I shall show you My portents, but ask Me not to hasten. 21:37
  10. Those who disbelieved ... will not be able to drive off the fire from their faces and from their backs, and they will not be helped! 21:39
  11. It will come upon them unawares. 21:40
  12. Have they gods who can shield them from Us? 21:43
  13. Lot ... was of the righteous. 21:74-75
  14. They were folk of evil, therefor did We drown them all. 21:77
  15. We subdued the hills and the birds to hymn (His) [Solomon's] praise along with David. 21:79
  16. We taught him [David] the art of making garments ... Are ye then thankful? 21:80
  17. And unto Solomon (We subdued) the wind in its raging. 21:81
  18. The evil ones (subdued We unto him) some who dived (for pearls). 21:82
  19. We heard his prayer, and bestowed upon him John, and adjusted his wife (to bear a child) for him. 21:90
  20. She who was chaste, therefor We breathed into her (something) of Our Spirit and made her and her son. 21:91
  21. When Gog and Magog are let loose, and they hasten out of every mound.... 21:96
  22. Behold them, staring wide (in terror), the eyes of those who disbelieve! 21:97
  23. Ye (idolaters) and that which ye worship beside Allah are fuel of hell. 21:98