11: Hud

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Injustice in Surah 11

  1. "The doom cannot be averted from them, and that which they derided will surround them." 11:8

  2. Disbelievers will end up in the Fire. 11:17

  3. Those who oppose Islam and disbelieve in the Hereafter are guilty of the greatest wrong. 11:18-19

  4. Allah sent a lasting doom on those who mocked Noah. 11:39

  5. Those who drowned in the flood were disbelievers. 11:42

  6. Allah will send a painful doom on several nations. 11:48

  7. "Lo! there cometh unto them a doom which cannot be repelled." 11:76

  8. Allah killed everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah by dropping burning stones on them. 11:82-83

  9. Lo! Is fear for you the doom of a besetting Day." 11:84

  10. "Ye will soon know on whom there cometh a doom that will abase him." 11:93

  11. "He ... will lead them to the Fire for watering-place." 11:98

  12. Those in the Fire will suffer as long as the heavens and earth endure. 11:106-7

  13. "Incline not toward those who do wrong lest the Fire touch you." 11:113

  14. Allah will fill hell with humans and jinn. 11:119