Book of Abraham

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Science and History
Cruelty and Violence

-The Pearl of Great Price
-Book of Abraham

The Lost Book of Abraham (full video)
(Institute for Religious Reseach)

Egyptology and the Book of Abraham
Stephen E. Thompson,
Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Spring, 1995

By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus: A New Look at the Joseph Smith Papyri
Charles Larson, IRR, 1992

About the facsimiles
-Facsimile #1
-Facsimile #2
-Facsimile #3
-Examining Facsimile One from the Book of Abraham (

The Book of Abraham Project (BOAP)
-The Book of Abraham

If Joseph Smith's translation of the Egyptian parchment could be discredited, and proven false, then doubt would be thrown also upon the genuineness of his translation of the Book of Mormon; and thus all his pretensions as a translator would be exposed and come to naught. -- B.H. Roberts, Comprehensive History of the Church, 2:138

The Book of Abraham for Skeptics

It would be hard to find a worse book than the Book of Mormon; one that was as absurd, poorly written, and obviously fraudulent. But Joseph Smith may have achieved it with the Book of Abraham.