Drunk With Blood:
God's Killings in the Bible
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Cruelty and Violence
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Dwindling in Unbelief: Cruelty
-Which is more violent,
the Bible or the Quran?

-Is anything cruel to a believer?
-How many has God killed?
-Go up thou bald head:
1001 Cruelties in the Bible

-Cruelty in the Bible:
An analysis by book

Christian Response
-Response to the SAB Cruelty List

Drunk With Blood

Strange Flesh: The Bible and Homosexuality

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Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran?

Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran? Is there a way to objectively answer such a question?

Well, it wouldn't be easy. But it is possible to compare the amount of cruelty and violence in the two books. Here is a summary of the highlighted verses in the SAB and SAQ.

Number of Cruel or Violent Passages
Bible 842
Quran 333

So the Bible has more than twice as many cruel or violent passages as does the Quran. But the Bible is a much bigger book. How do they compare when size is taken into account?

Violence and Cruelty Total verses Percent
Bible 842 31102 2.71
Quran 333 6236 5.34

When expressed as a percentage of cruel or violent verses (at least as marked in the SAB/Q), the Quran has about twice that of the Bible. (5.34 vs. 2.71%)*

Of course this analysis does not consider the extent of the cruelty in the marked passages. And that is an important consideration. Is Numbers 31:14-18, for example, more cruel than Quran 5:34? That is something that each person must decide.

A good argument could be made that either book is the most violent and cruel book ever written. The award would go to one or the other, for neither has any close competitors. It is frightening to think that more than half of the world's population believes in one or the other.

*The actual percentages are probably somewhat higher, since not all cruel or violent passages are marked in the SAB/Q and many of the marked passages contain more than a single verse.
Whose God is More Vicious?