The Book of Mosiah


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1 King Benjamin teaches his sons reformed Egyptian
2 The King's Speech (Part 1)
3 The King's Speech (Part 2)
4 The King's Speech (Part 3)
5 The King's Speech (Part 4)
6 The King's Speech (Part 5)
7 A Nephite Family Reunion
King Limhi's speech
8 A seer is greater than a prophet
9 The record of Zeniff
10 Twenty-two years of peace
The Lamanites are slaughtered (with God's help)
11 Wicked King Noah
The attack and defeat of the Lamanites
Abinadi's prophecy
12 Abinadi continues his prophecy (while in disguise)
Abinadi's trial (part 1)
13 Abinadi's trial (part 2)
14 Abinadi reads Isaiah 53
15 Jesus is both the Father and the Son
The seed of Jesus
Beautiful feet!
16 Abinadi's last speech
17 The end of Abinadi
Abinadi's curse
18 A place called Mormon
19 The death of King Noah
20 Stolen daughters
21 Wars, dry bones, and plates of ore
22 The escape of the Nephites
23 Alma becomes high priest in the land of Helam
God sends Lamanites to chasten the people of Alma
Amulon joins the Lamanites
24 Amulon persecutes the people of Alma
The people of Alma escape to the land of Zarahemla
25 King Mosiah reads the records of Zeniff and Alma
King Limhi and his people get baptized (and join the church of Christ or God)
26 What should we do with the unbelievers?
27 A proclamation about unbelievers
Alma Jr. and the sons of Mosiah were unbelievers
An angel appears and strikes Alma Jr. (so he couldn't speak or move his hands)
Alma Jr. is healed and born again
28 Mosiah's sons go on a mission
Mosiah translates the Jaredite plates using seer stones
29 Alma Jr. is the first chief judge
The death of Alma Sr. and King Mosiah