Alma: Trivia Questions

  1. What preacher in the Book of Alma said that everyone would be saved?
  2. What was the name of the Lamanites king who succeeded Amalickiah?
  3. What was the name of the man who built ships that Nephites sailed on the west sea?
  4. What Book of Mormon politician lost the election, but his followers made him king anyway?
  5. Who killed Amlici with a sword (and God's help)?
  6. What Book of Mormon character interpreted the writing on the wall of the temple that was written with God's finger?
  7. Who was the greatest person who ever lived?
  8. Why didn't Alma save his followers from being burned to death?
  9. What Book of Mormon hero killed six Lamanites with a sling, cut off the arms of many more, and then carried the arms back to show the king?
  10. Who did Ammon say had a faith that was greater than that of any Nephite?
  11. According to the Book of Mornon, who was the first person to speak in tongues?
  12. What were the Lamanites who were converted by Aaron and his brothers called after their conversion?
  13. What did the king of the Anti-Nehi-Lehies name his son?
  14. Why did the Anti-Nephi-Lehies bury their swords in the ground?
  15. Who are the Lamanites still hunting for?
  16. Whose soul separated from his body (as it were) because he was so joyful?
  17. What man is called Anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon?
  18. Korihor asked for a sign. What sign did Alma (and God) give him?
  19. What did the Nephites call the ball, director, or (being interpreted) compass that God made for them?
  20. God made a stone that shines in the dark for his servant. What was the servant's name?
  21. What was the name of the harlot that Coraintor went after?
  22. How did Captain Moroni punish those who refused to fight for their country?
  23. How many draft-dodging king-men did Moroni's army kill for refusing to fight for their country?
  24. Who killed Amalickiah by thrusting a javelin through his heart while he was sleeping?
  25. Who became the Lamanite king after Amilickiah died?
  26. How many Lamanite POWs were killed by the Nephites?
  27. How many stripling soldiers were in Helaman's little band?
  28. How many of Helaman's band of stripling soldiers died in battle?
  29. How were the king-men who refused to fight for their country and the cause of freedom punished by Maroni and Pahoran?
  30. Who killed Ammmoron by thrusting a javelin near his heart while he was sleeping?
  31. What man killed two kings by thrusting a javelin through (or near) their hearts while they was sleeping?
  32. What man built large ships that Nephites sailed away on the west sea?