1 Nephi: Selected Verses

  1. Yea, I make a record in the language of my father, which consists of the learning of the Jews and the language of the Egyptians. - 1 Nephi 1:2
  2. And it came to pass that I was constrained by the Spirit that I should kill Laban. - 1 Nephi 4:10
  3. And it came to pass that the Spirit said unto me again: Slay him. - 1 Nephi 4:12
  4. The Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief. - 1 Nephi 4:13
  5. Therefore I did obey the voice of the Spirit, and took Laban by the hair of the head, and I smote off his head with his own sword. - 1 Nephi 4:18
  6. And it came to pass that I beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy. 8:10
  7. Behold, I have dreamed a dream; or, in other words, I have seen a vision. - 1 Nephi 8:2
  8. The plates ... I have given the name of Nephi; wherefore, they are called the plates of Nephi, after mine own name; and these plates also are called the plates of Nephi. - 1 Nephi 9:2
  9. I beheld a virgin, and she was exceedingly fair and white. - 1 Nephi 11:13
  10. And it came to pass ... after they had dwindled in unbelief they became a dark, and loathsome, and a filthy people, full of idleness and all manner of abominations. - 1 Nephi 12:23
  11. And it came to pass that I beheld this great and abominable church; and I saw the devil that he was the founder of it. - 1 Nephi 13:6
  12. The Spirit of the Lord ... was upon the Gentiles, ... and I beheld that they were white, and exceedingly fair and beautiful, like unto my people. - 1 Nephi 13:15
  13. The plain and most precious parts of the gospel of the Lamb ... have been kept back by that abominable church. - 1 Nephi 13:32
  14. Behold that great and abominable church, which is the mother of abominations, whose founder is the devil. - 1 Nephi 14:9
  15. There are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil - 1 Nephi 14:10
  16. Whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth. - 1 Nephi 14:10
  17. The wrath of God is poured out upon the mother of harlots, which is the great and abominable church of all the earth, whose founder is the devil. - 1 Nephi 14:17
  18. I, Nephi, took one of the daughters of Ishmael to wife; and also, my brethren took of the daughters of Ishmael to wife; and also Zoram took the eldest daughter of Ishmael to wife. - 1 Nephi 16:7
  19. A round ball of curious workmanship; and it was of fine brass. And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness. - 1 Nephi 16:10
  20. We did follow the directions of the ball, which led us in the more fertile parts of the wilderness. - 1 Nephi 16:16
  21. I did break my bow, which was made of fine steel. - 1 Nephi 16:18
  22. My father began to murmur against the Lord his God. - 1 Nephi 16:20
  23. So great were the blessings of the Lord upon us, that while we did live upon raw meat in the wilderness, our women did give plenty of suck. - 1 Nephi 17:2
  24. The Lord ... said: I will make thy food become sweet, that ye cook it not. - 1 Nephi 17:12
  25. Now I, Nephi, did not work the timbers after the manner which was learned by men, neither did I build the ship after the manner of men; but I did build it after the manner which the Lord had shown unto me; wherefore, it was not after the manner of men. - 1 Nephi 18:2
  26. And it came to pass that ... the compass, which had been prepared of the Lord, did cease to work. - 1 Nephi 18:12
  27. After we had sailed for the space of many days we did arrive at the promised land ... and we did call it the promised land. - 1 Nephi 18:23
  28. There were beasts in the forests of every kind, both the cow and the ox, and the ass and the horse, and the goat and the wild goat, and all manner of wild animals, which were for the use of men. - 1 Nephi 18:25
  29. I do not write anything upon plates save it be that I think it be sacred. And now, if I do err, even did they err of old; not that I would excuse myself because of other men. - 1 Nephi 19:6
  30. And kings shall be thy nursing fathers. - 1 Nephi 21:23
  31. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine. - 1 Nephi 21:26
  32. And they shall be drunken with their own blood. - 1 Nephi 22:13
  33. A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. - 1 Nephi 22:20
  34. That great and abominable church, which was founded by the devil and his children, that he might lead away the souls of men down to hell. - 1 Nephi 14:3"
  35. The things which have been written upon the plates of brass are true. 1 Nephi 22:30