Apocrypha: Women

    1 Machabees

  1. When Antiochus attacked Jerusalem and desecrated the temple, "the beauty of the women was changed." 1:27

    2 Machabees

  2. The evil, wicked Greeks send an old man to Jerusalem with one important mission: destroy the faith of the Jews. He defiles the temple, causes the Jewish women to go wild in the holy places, and forces an old Jew to eat pork. When he refuses, he is killed (after his Jewish friends try to save him through "wicked pity"). 6:1-31


  3. Pregnant and menstruating women are allowed to touch the sacrifices to other gods, therefore these other gods can't be real gods. (Real gods don't let pregrant and menstuating women anywhere near them.) 6:28


  4. "I ... detest it as a menstruous rag." 14:16


  5. Judith wore haircloth on her loins. (She was an especially virtuous woman.) 8:6

  6. "Give me constancy in my mind, that I may despise him ... For this will be a glorious monument for thy name, when he shall fall by the hand of a woman." 9:14-15

  7. God, the great beautician, made Judith more beautiful. Then she and her slave took a bottle of wine and left to visit Holofernes. On the way she passed by the Hebrew old men, who "admired her beauty exceedingly." 10:4-7

  8. Holofernes is totally incapacitated by Judith's beauty. His officers were too, who said, "How can we fight against the Israelites when they have such beautiful women?" 10:17-18

  9. Judith shows off the head of Holofernes, assuring everyone that no sex was involved in the performance of the murderous deed. 13:17-20

  10. For cutting off the head of a drunken man as he slept, Judith is blessed by God "above all woman." (Even more blessed than Jael and Mary?) 13:23-25

  11. The Assyrian army ran away after hearing about the headless Holfernes, and the Israelites (with God's help) slaughtered them as they ran, taking all their stuff and giving it to Judith -- the forever blessed, glory of Jerusalem and joy of Israel. (God gave Judith the strength to behead a sleeping man to reward her for not having sex after her husband died.) 15:1-15

  12. Judith sings a song of praise to herself for cutting off a sleeping man's head. 16:1-28


  13. Raguel gave Tobias Jr. his daughter, along with half of his slaves and other possessions. 10:10


  14. Men who reject wisdom have foolish wives and wicked children. 3:11-13a
  15. Virgins, eunuchs, and infertile women are especially blessed by God. (God hates sex.) 3:13b-14