Apocrypha: Family Values

    2 Machabees

  1. The people were inspired by Judas to fight -- not to protect their families and friends, but for the sake of "the holiness of the temple." 15:17-18


  2. "The Lord would bring upon us great evils ... that a man should eat the flesh of his own son, and the flesh of his own daughter." 2:2-3



  3. Men who reject wisdom have foolish wives and wicked children. 3:11-13b

  4. The children of adulterers shall not come to perfection, and the seed of the unlawful bed shall be rooted out." 3:16

  5. "But the multiplied brood of the wicked shall not thrive, and bastard slips shall not take deep root." 4:3

  6. "The children that are born of unlawful beds, are witnesses of wickedness against their parents in their trial." 4:6