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Sex in the Quran

  1. Virgins await those who enter paradise. 2:25

  2. It's OK to have sex with your wives during Ramadan (at least after sunset). In fact you must "hold intercourse with them." All of them. It is your sacred Muslim duty. 2:187

  3. Menstruation is a filthy disease. All good Muslim men should stay the hell away from menstruating women And for God sakes, don't have sex with them while they're menstruating. It creeps Allah out just to think of it. 2:222a

  4. But don't worry guys. After they clean up you can have sex with them whenever you want. Allah loves clean men as much as he hates menstruating women. 2:222b

  5. In the mind of Allah, women are like a dirty field for men to plow with their penises. Plow them whenever you like (as long as they're not menstruating, of course.) 2:223

  6. Still, if a man doesn't want to have sex with his wives, Allah is OK with that, too. Wait four months, then if they change their minds, go ahead and have sex with them. 2:226

  7. When a man dies, his wives can't have sex for four months and ten days. After that, if they're not pregnant, it's no sin for the dead man if his wives have sex again. 2:234

  8. "Pure companions, and contentment from Allah"
    Virgins await those who enter paradise. 3:15

  9. Lewd women are to be confined to their houses until death. 4:15

  10. If any of your women get lewd, cut off their inheritance. 4:19

  11. f your slave wives are guilty of lewdness, punish them half as much as you punish your lewd free wives. 4:25c

  12. Men are in charge of women, because Allah made men to be better than women. Women must obey men, and if they refuse they must be punished. Refuse to have sex with them and beat them into submission (Islam). 4:34

  13. Virgins await those who enter paradise. 4:57

  14. Adam and his nameles wife (Eve?) didn't know they were naked until they ate from the tree. 7:22

  15. Lot offers his daughters to a mob of angel rapers. 11:78

  16. "She bolted the doors and said: Come!" 12:23

  17. Lot offers his daughters to a mob of angel rapers. 15:71

  18. You don't have to be modest around your wives or your slave girls "that your right hand possess." 23:6

  19. But the single-minded slaves of Allah will enjoy a Garden filled with lovely-eyed virgins. 37:40-48

  20. Female companions await those who enter the Gardens of Eden on the Day of Reckoning. 38:52

  21. Allah will reward faithful Muslims after they die with "fair ones with wide, lovely eyes." 44:54 -->

  22. Allah will reward those in the Garden with beautiful wives with wide, lovely eyes. 52:20

  23. Allah will give those in the Garden women of modest gaze whom neither man nor jinn have touched. (Or it might be white raisins instead of modest virgins.) 55:56, 55:72-74

  24. Those in the Garden will be attended by immortal youths with wide, lovely eyes. 56:17-23

  25. Allah made virgins to be lovers and friends to those on his right hand. 56:36-37

  26. O Prophet! Why bannest thou that which Allah hath made lawful for thee, seeking to please thy wives?"
    Allah says it's OK for Muhammad to have sex with any of his wives whenever he wants. 66:1

  27. Those in the Garden will be waited on by immortal youths, as beautiful as scattered pearls. 76:19

  28. Those in the Gardens will have maidens for companions. 78:33
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